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We only invest in high quality products

We focus on transactions in objects generating stable income and occupied by tenants in good financial situation. We care for appropriate length of lease agreements for a specific property. We also run development projects – we only realise investments where we are certain of assumptions made. Property selection is always preceded with a detailed analysis of market and competition – we never offer investments with major legal, technical or commercial risk.

Diversification of investment portfolio

We invest in existing office and retail-service properties as well as in logistic-production centres. We also conduct development projects mainly in residential sector. We also consider realisation of development projects. Our focus are transactions worth from a few to several million euros. Properties of such value are often ignored by large funds whereas thanks to our transaction structure they become available for individual Investors.

Profit increase thanks to skillful management

Skills and experience of our team allow us to effectively and professionally manage property investments. We rely on specialised knowledge and broad experience of our team and that allows us to create and implement optimal scenarios for use of the potential of specific property and further increase of its value.

Searching for an optimal investment horizon

Usually, we buy properties with a view to a 5-year investment horizon. We monitor the market searching for favourable conditions for achieving a planned profit in a shorter period of time. In case of the residential market, the investment is considered completed when the last premise is sold.