Logo Masovia

Beginning of cooperation

Masovia’s goal is to multiply the Investor’s capital through acquisition of commercial properties and their subsequent management as well as realisation of development projects. We offer our knowledge and experience to all individuals and entities interested in professional operation on the market of commercial and residential properties. We cooperate with Investors representing Polish private capital and we maintain long-term relations with our partners.

The investment process starts from signing of a confidentiality document; afterwards, details of the specific project are provided.

Investment subject

We work mainly on assets offering a long-term investment horizon and stable income at the very beginning of cooperation. That allows the company to be supplied on an up to date basis with means generated by the specific property.

We invest in office properties located in large agglomerations but our key market is Warsaw. Our partners are offered properties of stable location, secured with lease agreements of institutional nature, long-term lease or with a re-commercialisation potential.

Offered products include retail parks or convenience centres in smaller towns, with an area of 2 to 5 thousand sq.m., as well as stand-alone buildings leased to individual and recognisable tenants.

We are also interested in well-connected suburban cross-dock assets, small business units with increased proportion of office space towards warehouse part and logistic parks up to 10 thousand sq.m. with a mix of tenants.

We also seek plots – located mainly in Warsaw – where residential projects can be carried out – both low-key with several flats and larger residential estates.

Investment structure

For every transaction we establish a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the specific project, with Masovia remaining the minority shareholder. Through such vehicle we combine our know-how, experience and contacts with Investors’ capital resources. All rules of cooperation between the vehicle, Masovia and Investors are regulated with the investment agreement.

The established vehicle is a party to all agreements related with transaction such as loan agreements, property acquisition agreements or agreements with service providers.

Financing of a specific transaction is based on Investors taking over most shares in the vehicle and obtaining of bank funding. Investors remain passive beneficiaries of the project but through General Meeting of Shareholders they take decisions in key issues related with the investment.

Masovia will take over everyday management of investment and aims to increase income from the property. According to our ”Operating Model” Investors get access to monitoring tools such as constant insight into documentation related with acquisition and management of the property or financial results of the company.

Exiting the investment

Every investment has a specific strategy settling optimal exit horizon. Terms of cooperation specify desirable profit and time frame for its achievement.

Masovia on an up to date basis verifies assumptions and – depending on the market situation -decides to preliminary sell the specific property upon quicker achievement of assumed income or to continue the investment process. Masovia guarantees use of its knowledge for finding an optimal possibility to carry out such process. Even in such situations our partners are ensured consultancy on the highest possible level.